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Prospectus of Club Void(Kokue Institute)
-Coexistence in peace and prosperity-

Philosophy and Destination

From ancient times, the religion the arts and the science have been pursuing the essence and a providence of humanity, nature and society in harmony. In the present age of 21st century, as the results of the drastic development of the science and the technology, the world has been driven mainly by the physical and economic factors.   However, the history tells us that the mankind has faced the serious ordeal, and confronted hardship by uniting hands at the moment when the natural order is collapsed.

Mankind has been disordering the natural cycle of day and night, and pouring various daily noises and the impure sound, which are generated from conflicts, wars, and disasters, into the universe. The earth is covered by the disharmonized pulse, and the life is threatened by it. This situation will never bring us about the true happiness. We are hoping that we cover our earth and universe by the good pulse, and govern them by the harmonized beautiful pure sound.
For that, we have found great element which makes it possible is the SANUKIT ONZEN, which is the Zen Buddhism ceremony with the artistic and pure sound and pulse created by Sanukit stone, and which is harmonized with ZEN spirits and concept of universe.
This represents the concept of VOID, which is a basic idea of ZEN Buddhism, and reveal the supreme philosophy that directs us to realize the relation between the rule of universe and all things, to pursue the extreme essence of existence of oneself, and unify the real world and the realized world that stand aloof from the individual.
The intrinsic meaning of “sound” is the event which happens in the phenomenal world of space, and it is created by the encounter of “material”, “wave” and “space” in different dimension. When the prayer and the soul are put into the sound, the pure sound is born, and it is harmonized with the world, and this makes it possible for us to coexist affluently.
The VOID club esteems that the concept of “Void” is a common wealth for Mankind, and attaches greater importance on the human relation and the coexistence for creating peace and prosperity society. The purpose of the club is to undertake the activities for attaining the world peace and contributing to the development of cultural society of Mankind.  We are most anxious to have the opportunity of receiving your understanding on our purpose, and ask your favor of supporting our activities.

Hideaki Furukawa / Chairman
Stomu Yamash’ta / Managing Director